All our services are completely free and confidential. We offer support in the following areas:


Through counseling, we explore areas of conflict within marriage relationships. Our counselors help couples to identify problem areas and help individuals take responsibility for his or her personal contribution to the presenting issue. We also educate couples on communication styles and healthy conflict resolution.


Family counseling brings various members of the family together with a counselor in a confidential session, helping each member understand the problem and how he or she can best contribute to the solution. Counseling the whole family or smaller units within the family can help bring healing in difficult family situations.


Individual counseling is for anyone, regardless of age, who may be hurting, confused, frustrated, or feeling overwhelmed by personal problems. At Grimsby Life Centre, counselors can help with a variety of issues including depression, grief, loss, addictions, trauma, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, and relational issues.


We offer free confidential pregnancy tests, whether a pregnancy is planned or unexpected, and provide facts, options, and ongoing support.

Anger Management

Anger management teaches individuals how to identify the root causes of their anger and provides strategies that work toward resolving these issues. Techniques to control and cope with anger are taught so that individuals might be freed from the control that anger holds over their lives.

Budgeting For Real Life

Money affects a great deal of relationships and our goal is to equip you with the skills necessary for financial management. Through seminars and individual counseling, we will help you in making a budget and setting goals for your financial future.

Life Skills

This program offers ways of gaining a stronger sense of self and skills that are needed to live an independent, productive life. Some examples of the areas that are explored in this program are cooking and meal preparation, nutrition, money management, resume writing, and more. Many of these classes are facilitated by experts in the field from the surrounding community.


We offer individual and group counseling which addresses the challenges parents face while raising children of all ages.

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